Solar CopyMaster Flexscan

Solar CopyMaster Flexscan


The Solar A2 Flexscan is a flexible solution for multiple applications. The copy base accepts a wide variety of original material from flat documents and books through to photographs, paintings and solid objects.

Most cameras with a standard tripod thread can be fitted. Lighting is provided by lights on adaptable arms which can be adjusted for the optimum illumination.

For books a choice of book cradle options help present a flat image to the camera or lend support to tightly bound books which cannot be fully opened.

In addition to a zoom lens this camera is height adjustable to maximise image resolution.

Copy base
Scan area 80 x 53cm
Manual or motorised
Tripod thread attachment
Height Adjustable
High frequency cold fluorescent 4x18w Height and angle adjustable Filters
Book cradle
A2 pivoting glass
Book support
Angled for part open books
Camera resolution
CMOS 5184 x 3456
Other Cameras Available
Specification continued
Camera connection
USB 2.0 220 VAC
Capture speed
1 second, maximum 1/4000 sec
Copymaster PRO:
  • Windows XP, 7/8 (32 or 64bit)
  • Live view and crop
  • White balance
  • Colour correction
  • Deskew, invert, rotate
  • Macro tools
  • Multi indexing
  • Selective output resolution
Foot pedal, Light box

Specifications are subject to change always check before ordering

Flexscan brochure (504KB)