Combination carriers

Solar announce the introduction of the Combination (Combi) carriers for microfiche and microfilm. This has been introduced for the Solar2000, Ultravision, Universal & Professional 3000.

Professional 3000

The Solar Professional 3000 and 4000 digital microfilm reader-scanners are now combined into the new Professional 3000 with an 18mp camera.

Universal USB3.0

The Solar Universal reader-scanner is updated with a USB 3 camera and is now Windows 32 and 64bit compatible. Improvements include faster and higher resolution live view.

New 200mp camera joins the Solar range

The Solar range of high resolution cameras has been strengthened with the introduction of the Solar M7. Stunning quality is produced through a wide choice of lenses in combination with optical resolution of 20,000 x 20,000 pixels.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2010 Exhibition

Solar will be exhibiting at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2010 Exhibition at London Olympia 26-28 Feb 2010.

Digitisation Expo2010

Solar are pleased to be supporting Vikmans Multimedia with their Digitisation Expo2010.

The Expo is in Delhi India on 25 to 26 Feb for details go to

New Editing and Loading Stations
Solar are pleased to announce the launch of a completely new range of Editing and Loading Stations. Introducing manual and motorised options in vertical and horizontal configurations there is now an economical solution for every application. Optional accessories include the world renowned Solar Ultrasonic Splicer and the new Solar Digital Inspection Reader-Scanner.
Solar are moving offices

Solar are relocating to new premises in Kent and from 12th Sept 2008 all correspondence should be sent to the new address:

Pilgrims Lodge
Stede Hill
ME17 1NP

Tel: +44 (0) 1622 851010

New full frame microfilm scanner for newspapers

Due for release by the end of November 2007 is the new Solar high resolution scanner for microfilmed newspaper. Accepting all microfilm formats this new desktop unit will provided a solution for the more challenging applications. As with the popular Universal reader-scanner, live images are viewed on the host computer and with a single click images are readied for print or digital storage.

New Solar M6 100 Mega pixel camera

The Solar range of high resolution cameras has been strengthened with the introduction of the Solar M6. Stunning quality is produced through a wide choice of manual or autofocus lenses in combination with optical resolution of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.

New CopyMaster Version

The popular A2 book scanner is now available without an integrated computer. This is ideal for those who prefer to supply their own computer hardware.

Connection is via USB 2.0 and the CopyMaster software is simply loaded to the remote computer. Output to USB thumb drives remains as an integrated option.

New Software

Following extensive market feedback on the new CopyMaster book scanner and the Universal microfilm reader-scanner, Solar have released completely new software for both products.

The new software simplifies the user interface and introduces enhanced security making these products ideal for general public use in libraries and archives.

A lite version is supplied as standard and a Pro version is available with more extensive features.

Society of Archivist Information marketplace Exhibition 2007 Belfast

Solar with be at stand 25.

On display will be the Universal Microfilm reader-scanner with all the new software.


Solar are delighted to announce the arrival of the all new high-speed Universal Microfilm Reader-Scanner priced from only £1,583.00 for a fully working system.

With its low price and a very small foot print the Universal Microfilm Reader-Scanner now brings affordable digital microfilm options to every Archive and Library.

Connected and powered via a single USB 2 connection to a computer the Universal allows the reader to easily scroll through microfilm or microfiche; zoom out for a full page or zoom in for enlarged detail. A single mouse click will capture the image instantly making it immediately available for printing or output to multiple options such as email, CD or USB portable disks.

With a wide variety of simple slip-on-slip-off carriers the Universal will accept 16 and 35mm roll film, microfiche and microfilm in 3M style cartridges. The single high quality, adjustable lens accepts reductions between 7x and 48x confirming the Universal as a truly versatile reader-scanner.

To save on running costs away has gone the traditional on-going expense of hot Halogen lamps replaced instead by a cold long life light.

Advanced orders from libraries in Latvia and Lithuania have set the Solar production lines alight and UK organisations are quickly booking demonstrations of the ground breaking Universal Microfilm Reader-Scanner.


Solar are very pleased to confirm the appointment of Digital Microfilm Equipment (DME) as Distributors of the Solar product range in the Australasian market. Based in Perth Western Australia, DME are able to provide sales and technical support in Australia, Asia and New Zealand. To contact DME directly click the following link


Solar have today announced the launch of their new high-speed book copier the Solar CopyMaster. Designed specifically for use by the general public in libraries and archives the CopyMaster is robust and simple to use, requiring only a single button press to output an image directly to an attached printer. At a price of £7,898.00 plus VAT the Solar CopyMaster should prove to be an affordable asset for most libraries and archives.

New Microfilm Inspection Loader with Scanner
Solar have today announced a new version of their Microfilm Inspection Loader.

The new option allows the Inspection Loader for 16 and 35mm microfilm to be fitted with a film scanner for high resolution image scanning. Scanned images maybe sent to an attached printer or output to CD, other digital media and email with a simple kiosk style interface. The scanner comes complete with an integrated 8X inspection lens.
New Microfim Scanner for Libraries
  Solar Microfilm is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the European distributor for the S-T Imaging digital film viewers and scanners.

Users of the ST range are able to read their microfilm as if they were using a standard reader and in addition easily print to paper and copy to CD using kiosk style software. The system administrator has total control over what they will allow the user to do by simply adding or removing large point and click icons.

The Scan-Write software also allows other TWAIN compatible scanners to be attached thereby providing the same simple kiosk style interface for a wide range of book scanners.

Running costs have been drastically reduced through the use of cold lamps with a life of some 30,000 hours. System prices start at £1,320.00.

Undoubtedly the ST range is ideal for the modern digital library and in particular for those about to acquire copies of the newly released local newspapers on microfilm under the Newsplan Project.
Library + Information Show 2004
  Solar will be launching the APIS (Advanced Paper Imaging System) at the 2004 Library Information Show. APIS is designed for the safe and speedy imaging of handmade paper with added security benefits. APIS is already proving its importance in the research into the origins of paper and for creating security fingerprints of valuable documents.
Society of Archivists Conference 2003

As usual this was a worthwhile experience for Solar with much interest in the Solar M Type overhead scanners. Particular enthusiasm was voiced for the flexibility of the scanners in being able to easily cope with a wide variety of originals ranging from transparencies through to tightly bound books.

Museums Association annual conference and exhibition

With so much interest emerging from museums and archives for the Solar M Type overhead scanners, Solar will for the first time exhibit at the exhibition in Brighton. On display at stand 31 will be the Solar M3 overhead scanner linked to an Epson large format printer. Colour fidelity is often a priority and Solar will therefore be using the award winning Pantone Monitor Spyder with PhotoCAL colour calibration software.
Thames Pilot project
  This project has been funded through the New Opportunities Fund and captures life on the Thames through the ages. The Solar M3 overhead scanner was used to capture many of the images you see on its fascinating site .
APIS project
  In association with Dr Ian Christie-Miller Solar released the first prototype of the ADVANCED PAPER IMAGING SYSTEM for the safe and speedy imaging of paper with security enhancement. Details and examples on the importance of this system in the research of the origins of paper and for creating security finger prints of valuable documents can be found at.
Visionmaster A2 microfilm reader

The popular Solar Ultravision A2 microfilm reader has been enhanced following comments and the changing needs of the users. Now researchers with laptop computers can plug into the reader for power and rest their laptop on a pullout shelf .

Visionmaster A2 microfilm Reader