Inspection Loader

16/35mm roll film, 3m and kodak catridge

Model Options

• Manual 16mm & 35mm rollfilm
• Motorised 16mm & 35mm rollfilm
• C-clip & 3M cartridge attachments
• Programmable counter
• Remote hand control
• Remote foot control
• Quickthread take up spool

16 & 35mm roll film, 3M cart, 35mm cart, C-clip
Film Movement
Motorised or hand wound
230 or 110v, 50Hz, 100w
400L x 300W x 190H (mm)

Specifications are subject to change always check before ordering

The Solar Inspection Loader is available motorised or hand wound and both are ideal for quality control. Both units are simple to operate. The motorised model offers excellent slow scanning control and variable speed control or push button fast/slow control. The hand wound offers 2:1 gearing for minimum effort.
Loader brochure (high res 109kb) Loader brochure (low res 66kb)