Film formats
Sliver Halide, diazo or vesicular films cartridge and processor leaders, different thicknesses of film
Mains on/off switch, push button for splice, push button for inspection area lamp on/off
Splicing time
1 sec
Joining section
Quarter - turn clamping handle, film stop adjuster for varying thickness of film, smooth sliding action film clamps remaining 'in line' at all stages
Cutting section
Two film - cutter blades, illuminated surface below cutter blocks, 16/35 integral film clamps, accidental film cutting protection

Inspection area
108 x 158mm illuminated opal acrylic film inspection area in line with film path, acrylic surface removable for easy lamp change (6' inch fluorescent tube)
Non interference
CE approved
110Vac or 230Vac 50Hz 500W, external fuse, 6.3A(T)
470mm wide, 220mm depth, 163mm max height of work surface
8 Kgs

Specifications are subject to change always check before ordering

Production Ultrasonic splicer producing fast quality splices. Simple to use and requires no consumables the Solar Ultrasonic 16/35 splicer is suitable for both 16mm and 35mm microflim.

Splicer brochure (high res 229kb) Splicer brochure (low res 65kb)