Quick take-up spool
The quick take-up spool is a popular accessory to aid simple loading of microfilm. The leading edge of the microfilm is easily slotted into the spool where it is firmly gripped allowing the carrier to wind the microfilm in the correct direction automatically.
Alternative carriers
The Solar microfiche carrier is a simple alternative carrier for occasional use of microfiche and aperture cards. And for those with 3M type cartridges there is the 16/35mm & 3M combi carrier. 16/35mm carriers are available in manual and motorised formats on the Solar 2000 and Ultravision A3 readers.
Accessibility options
Solar readers may be fitted with remote hand and foot controls to help those with disabilities to use the readers.
Each reader is supplied with a lens of choice and optional alternative lenses are available for easy interchange to suit different applications. For example the Solar VisionMaster range of zoom lenses is 10-25x and 20-36x, Solar 2000 10-24x and 22-36x.
Microfilm counter
A programmable microprocessor counter is supplied for those who need precise positioning or measurement of their microfilm.